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The Company

RSC was formed to relieve business managers of the day-to-day burden of monitoring safety, quality, environmental and operational risk problems. In fact we can assist with any operational risk issues that require legislative and management attention. In addition assistance with the COID Act is an area that we have had particular success with.

Since legislative requirements and organised labour have begun to place increased emphasis on the subject of risk management, business managers have found themselves under increased pressure to give the necessary attention to matters not really related to the core issues of their business. RSC with it's expertise in the field of operational risk can provide the manager with peace of mind that the elements of risk management are competently addressed and therefore allow the manager to concentrate on activities that are critical to the business.

When required for assessing risks within the operations of a company, complicated laboratory analysis and finite technical expertise are offered through RSC's highly competent and qualified associates.

The People

RSC's consulting personnel have many years of experience in the field of operational risk management, this stretches form shop-floor day-to-day hands-on activities to executive management level. RSC can therefore appreciate and assist with it's clients' needs at each level of the organisation.

This all leads to an understanding that a solid, practical grounding and good customer service are not only essential but the ultimate key to success for any business.

Company Philosophy

The company will provide a comprehensive range of services that will cover all aspects of risk management; inter alia this will consist of quality and environmental management systems to the ISO standards, safety programs, risk and hazard assessments. Other products may from time to time be added to the list of products presently offered but will adhere to the definition of risk management.

The quality of service will conform to the standard demanded by the customer and the customer service level will be equivalent to the highest in the industry.

Senior management will at all times be aware of the customer's needs and will not lose touch with the operational side of the business.

Our Associate Companies

We are very pleased and proud, to be able to inform our clients that the following companies and persons have indicated their willingness to form an association with RSC.


A company that is able to provide the backup and support for emergency spill problems encountered by clients. These are the experts who know how to deal with the technical requirements of spill.


A company approved by the Department of Labour as an inspection authority, and also provides the specialist requirements for hazard and risk assessments that are becoming so important in Safety and Environmental legislation.


A company with specialist knowledge on fire fighting equipment. This company will not only ensure compliance to legislation but what would be best for the company when such an emergency strikes. They also provide the equipment and backup support to ensure that the assets of the company are adequately protected at all times from fire.


A company specialising in environmental legal compliance audits. With the legalities of environmental issues becomming such a complicated and important issue it is important that any company stays legally compliant.